Changing to a HEALTHY me

It is time for a change!
This it my super personal, healthy diet, exercise blog.



May has been hellacious. 

I’ll be starting June first. When I am out of school. And its summer. And I can concentrate. 

Good news — I have lost a pound. with out dieting or exercising. Its a good feeling and gives me hope. 

see you in June!

Plan of action

So I have not started my dieting or exercising yet. May first is the day. Its the day I commit to a college, its a day my life will change. 

Until then I hope to get this blog started. Get my music together, get my pages up, finalize details on my diet and exercise regimes. 

I have ONE WEEK from today. Then goodbye UNHEALTHY ME!!!

It is time!

To my many followers (and by that I mean to my ZERO followers)

I can’t believe I am FINALLY getting around to doing this! It is about time! 

Now there are a few thing you should know about me:

1) I RANT A LOT. I like to talk. my goal is to keep everything on this blog relevant to health. my personal blog ( I can’t make ANY promises. 

2) I know I am not overweight or fat. I am not here to lose weight. I am here to get healthy and organize my life. I feel like I have zero control over my life right now and this diet/exercise plan is going to help me get back on track!

So let me tell you all about myself!

my avatar picture thingy is a picture of me at prom this year with my date (and best friend and not quite boyfriend). I was in a size 2 dress and it was SNUG! It took a lot of effort to get that thing to zip up. Unfortunately I can’t say it was because my boobs were too huge or something. My rib cage + body fat was just a problem. 

I currently weigh in at 110 pounds. That to me is devastating. Its an all time high in my life. Which is basically why I wanted to begin this in the first place! 

I used to do gymnastics. I competed up to club level 6 before switching to a less intense high school program. With the switch (4 years ago) I gained 20 pounds. At 13, I was freaking out. I still am! Gymnastics is now over. I have not entirely decided if I will complete club in college. My body is tired and with my intended major its basically a waste of money. I am now playing softball (varsity infield starter 4 years in a row!). But softball is not NEARLY enough exercise. 

I started this for many reasons. I am doing this for my dad. for myself. for my health. and kind of a way to prove it to my friends. My dad is very harsh. He makes comments about me gaining weight and “getting fat” all the time. He often asks “are you sure you want that?” and he has this iPad app where you take a picture of someone’s face and make it fat and then you can make it jiggle or burp and it’s disgusting honestly. Anyway he did it to my picture and after playing around with it he said “bet you don’t want that brownie now” and then later “now you know what will happen if you don’t get more active this summer”. Yeah, its harsh. but he is right. I need to watch myself. I am also doing this as a “fuck you” to my friends. They make jokes all the time about me being “anorexic” when I am not. I just order healthier than they do. It has just gotten annoying. especially because they complain all the time that they are getting fat or out of shape. So basically I want to get healthy and get my muscle tone back to be like “Look, I worked my ass off! I deserve this body!” 

My current weight: 110 height: 5’2

They are not up yet but soon I will have my personal diet and exercise pages and an about me page. ASK me anything! I am here to help and get help!